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INnovative, INtelligent and INformational

  • Innovative

    We aim at offering you something new. Most tours will have an innovative approach open for

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  • Intelligent

    A major goal of our tours is to learn something new and to challenge your curiosity.

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  • Informal

    All tours aim at an informal atmosphere with a close interaction between staff, attendees, local staff and people we meet on our way

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  • International

    On many of the torus thjose participating can be from different countries. This way you can get friends across borders.

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+All Included
Our tour programme is a package that include all travel, accomodation and dining in one price. Any costs added during the tour due to wishes from the attendees will have to be paid on the tour itself.
+Your Desires
Many of the tours can be designed according to your deisres.
Our tours aim at learning and always have a primary topic. Other issues can be addressed on the way, but the main topic is the red line in any tour
+Social interaction
On many of our tour programs the goal itself is social interaction and learning about other people and cultures.
+Our staff
On most tours a local representative will follow the group while locally in the country in question local staff will be in charge.

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